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Silicone Ellie Plate

Silicone Ellie Plate

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Does your baby or toddler always throw their plate on the ground? Well not anymore with these suction silicone plates! They have a huge suction pad that sticks to any surface and makes it almost impossible for tiny hands to pull them off! No more spaghetti on the floor! Sectioned for those fussy eaters, or perfect for starting baby on their first solids.


Can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, fridge or freezer. They are 25cm x 17cm. Best used on smooth surfaces like plastic/glass etc. Not as good on rough wooden surfaces but still sticks.


Currently available in two standard colours, Pastel Pink and Blue, and five custom colours, Ether, Sage, Light Grey, Musk Pink and Dusky Rose!

For super suction, place plate onto clean dry surface and press firmly in middle of plate, then place food in. Please note this is NOT a teething toy.

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