Pineapple Island

Pineapple Island

$15.00 $24.00


Our pineapple island swimsuit is just perfect for your little babe!

Measurements/Sizing information

0-6 Months

Bust: 23cm, Waist: 22cm, Length: 38cm

6-12 Months

Bust: 24cm, Waist: 23cm, Length: 39cm

1-2 Years

Bust: 25cm, Waist: 24cm, Length: 40cm

2-3 Years

Bust: 26cm, Waist: 25cm, Length: 41cm

3-4 Years

Bust: 27cm, Waist: 26cm. Length: 42cm

Please ensure that you check measurements for each individual item that you purchase as they vary for each item.