Giraffe Feeding Utensil

Giraffe Feeding Utensil


Pastel Pink
Pastel Blue

Make meal time easier with our easy to grip Giraffe Silicone feeding utensils. One end a spoon, the other a fork, making it easy for babies and toddlers to choose what end to use for their food. With the fork end they simple drop the Giraffe’s feet on top of the food they want to pick up.


Our spoons have a nice round end to make scooping food easier. Buttery soft silicone is gentle on little gums and teeth, making self feeding not a worry.


Can be used in the microwave, dishwasher, fridge or freezer. Available in a Single Pack (1 product) or a Twin Pack (2 products). Select the product(s) from the drop down menus. Use the “N/A” option in second product drop down menu when only selecting a Single quantity.


Currently available in two colours, Pastel Pink and Blue.

Please note this is NOT a teething toy.